Companies big and small generate more data than they can possibly manage. It grows and accumulates faster and in more places than they can track, index, and control. Worse still, they are not even sure if it is accurate, repeatable, or even valuable. It builds and swells like a wave, eventually overtaking those who cannot or will not take action.

Step one. Get turned in the right direction

Every department, person, and device in your organization generates data daily. Much of it lands somewhere in your ecosystem and is valuable in another place. The opportunity is to map out who needs what, and when. That is the first key to a successful Digital Transformation.

Step two. Coordinate hands and legs to kick in one direction

Culture change, from the top-down. Understand that this is a business problem, not an IT problem. You must get all hands in the organization committed to the mission of owning data at every level. Once every department understands the data they generate and the data they need from others, then you are ready to get on the wave.

Step three. Here it comes. Stand up!

Now that everyone is committed and going in the right direction it is time to stand up and go faster. Let the data push you along as you are not able to see over the top and identify spots to go faster.

Look behind you. There is your competition!