We vacated our typical routines, fled crowded offices, and avoided public transportation for the relative spaciousness and isolation of our homes. We are in hiding from the physical world in a way.
We retreated from our daily routines to fight the spread of the virus.
But we have re-emerged in the cloud. We are re-grouping, strategizing, collaborating, and doing our best to keep the wheels of society going from our virtual perch.
We are changing our behaviors such that we are more efficient with our time, more aware of our surroundings, and getting more value from our digital tools.
In spite the crisis we see innovation at record speed.

  • Companies like LVMH Group will repurpose their production facilities to make alcogel for healthcare workers.
  • Regulatory hurdles lowered that enable Healthcare providers rapidly accept the use of video chat, conferencing, and other tools
  • Digital companies provide video conferencing technology for free to support remote collaboration during this time of self-isolation.Almost every organization is finding ways to work in a distributed fashion.
    In trying times like this we are forced to adapt. And out of it we get a new normal. A better normal. A normal more suited to modern life in a globalized society.