First of all, what exactly is a Digital Transformation? And how is it different from an IT project?

Let’s start with what it is not

  • It is not adding chat-bots to a website.
  • It is not the implementation a customer self-service portal.
  • It is not artificial intelligence algorithms.

These are merely IT projects.
The end game for any digital transformation should be to structure the business operations into a symbiotic relationship with digital technology.

Let’s take, for example, an analytical engine such as business intelligence cubes, big data analytics engine or artificial intelligence algorithms.

The business value of any analytical engine is its ability to produce highly accurate and relevant analysis reports.

And the only way an analytical engine can produce highly accurate and relevant reports is if it’s being fed with clean, highly accurate, consistent and relevant data.

Successful digital transformations start by asking the right questions and this is where it usually goes wrong. Unfortunately, the most obvious question:

“How do we implement artificial intelligence?”

is the wrong question. In the digital age, the technical implementation is the easiest part.
The right question to ask is:

“How do we structure our business operations to ensure that everyone is creating, producing and providing clean, consistent, accurate and relevant data to feed the new analytical engines?”

Answer this question and you will have the key that successfully unlocks the maximum business benefits out of any digital transformation