The brutal truth is that IT services and digital solutions are now commoditized businesses. Not only is competition extremely fierce but clients now see IT services as a cost to be reduced rather than a strategic investment vital to future business success.

Unfortunately, companies providing these services and solutions only make it more difficult for themselves.

A view from the client's perspective

Look, clients don’t really care what features your solutions have, how technically advanced they are, or how many other customers you have. What they want to know is:

  1. Do you truly understand their business?
  2. How will your product or service solve their business problem?
  3. Can you show them how your product / service will improve their sales or reduce their costs?
  4. How will this give them a competitive advantage?
  5. How will this take their business to the next level?
  6. They really don’t care for another piece of technology, convince them that you can deliver the benefits to their business

Stop selling solutions. Start selling value.

Don’t sell your clients an AI solution with all its bells and whistles. Provide them with a 24/7/365 virtual management consultant that knows their business inside out.

Don’t just sell your clients a data management system. Provide them with a means of breaking all their internal silos to give them a competitive advantage so they can thrive in the digital age.

You get the idea.

After doing this for 15 years, I can say for certain that the REAL value for clients is not in the technical services and solutions but in the business benefits that their businesses realize. Stepping out of your technical comfort zone will make all the difference between just being one of many interchangeable technology suppliers vs a strategic partner vital to the client’s future success.