Ask 100 people “what is Digital Transformation and where should a company start?” and you will get 100 different answers.
In the DX jungle, how can a company realize maximum benefits in the shortest time?
We always recommend that a company start with what we call the digital microstructure that underpinning all the business functions. This is the digital business foundation that integrates processes and information flow across all functions.
Why do we recommend this?

  1. Predictable timeline, this can be done within 90 days
  2. The benefits are immediate
  3. The complete “digital truth” of business performance finally becomes visible
  4. Management can now make strategic data-driven decisions
  5. Competitive advantage from quicker turnarounds on business strategy, change, improvements and innovation as information flows across “silos” instantaneously
  6. A cross industry average ROI of 2500% over 5 years
  7. A cross industry average of 25 MEUR in annual benefits (increased sales, improved customer service, operational efficiency, cost reductions etc)
  8. Monetary gains can finance further innovations (AI, Big Data analytics, Customer Experience etc)
  9. The business now has a proper digital foundation, making future innovations like AI, not only quicker to implement but each individual innovation having a greater positive impact on the business.
    Most digital transformations fail because companies start on the more complex innovations without a proper digital foundation. Start with the digital business foundation, not only is it quicker to implement but companies can realize immediate benefits.